"Make it simple, but significant."

Ever since I branded my studio's name I've had many ask me the meaning behind it. The quote above by Don Draper from the tv show Mad Men was a recurring idea throughout the process. If there is anything I hold true to, it would be my brand; it's a map of who I am, where I'm from, and what I have to offer in this small corner of the vast internet. 

In my last post I vaguely went over my Spanish/American background and the term 'Halfie', with that in mind, I never really felt that I truly belonged to one culture or another. Things were never black or white for me, a part of me could always identify with both ends of the cultural spectrum- that in-between gray area (pun intended). My identity crisis subsided once I moved to England and focused myself on honing my skills as a creative & becoming a designer. I think the reason why I hold such a special place in my heart for England is because that's where I was able to accept myself as a visionary and not worry about how to fit in in the two extremities of my cultures. 

As time moved on, I received my degree in graphic design, had a full-time design job, my worries in identity confusion had all vanished, and I had embraced both cultures within my design aesthetics. I have realized that I don't have to be a Spaniard or an American, I am in-between - with an added bonus of dual citizenship HA!  

By now many of you might still be asking 'so how does this result in the name of InBetween as a brand?' Apart from my background, the idea for this studio flourished when I focused on relationships and how it takes two sides to make something great. I'm referring to that client/designer bond. The most successful projects I've been a part of are those in which I have found a mutual, positive work ethic with my clients, a core value that I want to inspire in my studio.

What makes designing so great is finding that AHA moment from the perfect parity of ideas, therefore InBetween was born.