Park 1: Kitchen Renovation | InBetween the Curls

Happy New Years my lovely readers! Hope everyone ended the year with a bang; I know I did :D Being the slacker that I am during the holidays I might have neglected this post- whoops! Better late than never though... 

During the holidays Joey and I decided not to do the whole gift exchange thing and put our pennies into something we both want and enjoy. I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful holiday tradition for us :) In other words, we mostly worked on our holiday break to renovate our 80's kitchen. I mean look at that beaut below! What a stunner... Those chandeliers really take my breath away cough-cough* And that random sconce on the side really ties into the awkward layout. Bravo...

Excuse the poor photographs, I wanted to take them during the day but Joey clearly had had enough of this kitchen and decided to go all Hulk and tear down the walls that same night haha. But you get the gist of the pre-demo view. 

Since this is our first home and most certainly not our forever home, I wanted to go with a few budget-friendly alternatives than what I would do if we were to stay here forever. Our first task was to get rid of the typical cabinetry that comes with an older home. For our wallets' sake, we opted on painting them rather than replacing them. Since we also did not want to replace the appliances that came with the house we stuck with painting the cabinets white so they didn't stick out so much. If that weren't the case, royal blue would have been in my horizon. We worked with what we've got and I can't complain; it's already looking better! (more photos to come) Side note: Home Depot has this amazing product where you can paint your cabinets without sanding them - pure Christmas miracle!! I've added the link below :) 

For the countertops we went for the good ol' Ikea Karlby walnut butcher block. It's budget friendly and adds warmth to the space since we're adding quite a bit of white into the room. This kitchen also didn't come with a backsplash, so guess what? My love for clean subway tiles and a charcoal gray grout are coming true - eeek! I'm just lucky that the things I like are on the cheaper end of the spectrum haha. The tiles also tie into the rest of the house with my eclectic mid-century/industrial thing I've got going on :) win win! 

To quickly sum up what other goodies will be happening to this space: we are painting the walls, replacing the faucet, saying good bye to the light fixtures (sad times - sarcasm guys*), re-wiring for new light fixtures, replacing one of the walls, removing some upper cabinets and running open shelves (I have an obsession with them) plus I can display my love for mixing different metals, hence the color palette I've put together above :D Oh and expect plenty of plants in every nook and cranny! 

I think that about gives you an idea of why I've been absent lately... this job is no joke! Thank goodness I have a man that is good at this stuff, and Youtube is our savior haha. 

To be continued... 


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