CreativeFlair : Ana Luiza Ornelas | InBetween the Curls

Flair |fler| 1. A special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well.

On the eighth day of Christmas... Who are we kidding?! We've got a new Creative Flair post and she's fabulous. Hailing from Brazil, and pursuing her design career in Spain we have Ana; a humble, super talented gal that knows her way around nature's beauty ;) 

In a few sentences describe yourself and what you do

Hello there! My name is Ana Luiza and I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from São Paulo, Brazil, currently based in Barcelona, Spain. I absolutely LOVE to portray nature in my own way.

Creative Flair : Ana Luiza Ornelas | InBetween the Curls

How did you first get into design + illustration? What’s your favorite part about it? 

My very first job was in Marketing, but my job description was really all about Design. So basically my boss trusted her 19-year-old intern and allowed me to create all the company’s design material, combining it with illustration as well. It took me about three years to follow my heart and study Graphic Design (I majored in Advertising), but my life has changed ever since I gave it a chance.

My absolute favourite part of Illustration is the ability we have to translate something that is in our minds into something almost tangible. I love to take people to that “atmosphere” my work creates.

Creative Flair : Ana Luiza Ornelas | InBetween the Curls
Creative Flair : Ana Luiza Ornelas | InBetween the Curls

Do you have any creative heroes that you admire & have inspired you? Who & How? 

Honestly? My fellow illustrators and the hard-working people I find sharing their daily amazing jobs on social media. Other than that, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his beautiful botanical compositions, and the Brazilian painter Tarsila do Amaral.

What is your favorite piece of work you have done and why?

The visual identity for a wedding, using watercolor drawings and different paper materials. I loved it because the clients really got to participate in the process and let me give my touch to their special day. It’s incredibly gratifying when you do what you love and people are satisfied with it.

Creative Flair : Ana Luiza Ornelas | InBetween the Curls
Creative Flair : Ana Luiza Ornelas | InBetween the Curls

Having moved to Barcelona, Spain, do you feel it’s influenced your work? How?

Ever since I was little I drew flowers and landscapes with my grandmother and kept doing it all throughout my life, but not in a professional way. It just gave me peace. When I moved to Spain to study graphic design, I had the opportunity to draw daily during my spare time. Drawing as a constant activity awakened me to also study Illustration, which changed my heart in a very special way.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I would say it’s very delicate, playing with pen and brushes’ thicknesses; filling forms.

Do you have a dream/goal that you wish to aspire? 

Yes. I hope to someday dedicate all of my professional hours to my own illustration studio.

Creative Flair : Ana Luiza Ornelas | InBetween the Curls

If you could live and work anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 

If I were to choose today and leave tomorrow, the destination would be New York or London.

Early bird or night owl?

Early bird. I love drawing when the sun is still shining.

Creative Flair : Ana Luiza Ornelas | InBetween the Curls