The title of this blog post might stump some of you, and I admit that it is a tad unorthodox, but there is reason to the madness of my mind. I decided to do a follow-up on my last blog post, and dig further into brand identity with something fun & quirky that gets the mind jogging (at least for me). 

I for one, am a sucker for horoscopes, personality tests, and anything that can tell me what's happening next week. Although many think I'm crazy for believing in those myths, I can't seem to step away from the ideology behind it. Why do so many of us want to believe that our traits are established through signs that were drawn up from stars? Are we trying to portray ourselves through set characteristics so we can more easily identify ourselves and others by category? These are questions that I seem to wonder about when I'm not enthused that it's not a lucky week for Sagittarius (Sagittarius to a T).    

Even though these tests and signs are fun to think about; I like to merge a bit of these oddities into my design process. I might not be able to guide my clients through star constellations, but I do like to unveil their brand's inner animal. Those of you who are nerdy like myself know all about animal analogy tests and how great they are, especially when used for the greater good of branding. I could go on and on about animal metaphors, but for everyone's sake I'm going to try and keep it to the point.

Branding for one's self can be a very difficult process. At least it is for me, which is why I like to direct attention towards animal metaphors into my client's brand identity questionnaire. The peculiarity of the question allows one to focus on their brand as a third person, or animal, in this case, which can ward off the pressure of describing themselves within their businesses identity. Plus, it adds a bit of fun and imagination to the table. 

As you all might have guessed, InBetween's inner animal is the giraffe. No, it is not my favorite animal in the world (even though they have eye lashes and legs for days that I could die for), but I felt naturally compelled to associate the brand with this majestic animal. The key words that I wanted InBetween to identify itself with were the following: timelessness, elegance, confidence, and visionary. With these adjectives in mind, I immediately connected with the giraffe. It might have been the giraffe's elegant elongated neck, its confident stride... Who knows how I connected with this species, but our subconscious can be an odd and wonderful thing... and because I can't get enough of symbolic interpretations (thank you internet), I did a little research once I defined my animal instinct.

A couple of google searches and two articles later, my subconscious instincts were a match! Here's a little excerpt that widened my eyes with excitement:

...it's most telling physical feature is the giraffe's neck. Symbolically, this impressive physical feature naturally asks us about "sticking our necks out" in terms of making connections (within family, community, business, creative endeavors, etc). In this respect, the giraffe is a messenger, encouraging us to elongate our vision, stretch ourselves, and reach as far as we can. The giraffe often makes an appearance when we need a little reminder that we all are grandiose beings with remarkable potential to rise ourselves up to a challenge. Furthermore, the giraffe demonstrates grace in striving. In other words, when the giraffe visits us, it's often a message to strive through challenges while maintaining balance and grace...

If you're curious to know more about the symbolism behind giraffes you can go here

Now that I feel a special connection to giraffes through my studio's brand, I think it would only make sense to own this sweet illustration above by Nicole Cioffe which you can find right here.