My love for editorials is what has brought me here today. The reason why I chose to do a degree in graphic design is because of my passion for magazines. Not quite sure how I came to love these story-filled stapled pieces of paper; whether it be the imagery, the thought-out typography, or the soft spoken words by the writer that combines the perfect visual painting of our surroundings. There's something oddly comforting and exciting when I have a good piece of editorial in my hands. Although it might be the fresh smell of paper. I'm weird. I know... I am a tree hugger though - scouts honor.

Seeing as though I can go on and on about editorial designs, I figured I make this a cornerstone of the blog and create a series to look forward to. I will share magazines that I love, some that I've discovered, and everything in-between. I would love for this to be a column where a community shares a passion and pass along their printed treasures.

To begin the series, I've put together a few magazines that have my heart at the moment, and I honestly can't get enough of. I thought I would give a brief description of each one and why I've put these together as a set. 

Boat. I've been an avid fan of this magazine since their first issue of Sarajevo. The fact that this group of talented creatives get to travel and make one heck of a piece of work is just something to envy. Not only do they write and depict their subject with great photography and a killer design aesthetic, they live it, and that's something that I commend them for. They have a fluid sense of negative space within their layouts and allow their images to speak for itself, with that alone I'm sold. 

Another Escape. I've recently come across Another Escape, and I honestly can say that it is dreamy. From the way the words float off the pages to the subtle tones in its images. The creatives behind this one took an innovative philosophical approach from their content all the way to their designs. If I can describe this one, I'd say peaceful, but with a lot to say. It's a creatives' treasure that's worth the read.

Mono.Kultur. A work of art that hones the skill of story-telling with incorporating the right balance of imagery. There's something nostalgic and beautiful in the way the images fade into the text in their last issue. The designer creates an atmosphere that allows you to be absorbed into the story and yet still think about what's next and who's the person behind the interview. 

Makeshift. Like Boat in their journalistic endeavors, but with a more investigative approach to their design and content. Their layouts are more copy heavy but their imagery makes you wonder what's out there, and that's what keeps you on your toes. Their design approach is less is more, allowing the raw stories come to life. An attribute that is easier said than done. This editorial is worth every penny and then some. 

I hope I've inspired some of you to dig out some of your favorite editorials and delve into the glory that is print design. I would love to hear your suggestions, I can never have enough magazines!

So let the editorial bliss begin... 

On that note, TGIF everyone! 


[BoatAnother EscapeMono.KulturMakeshift]