First of all, Happy Friday Everyone!

To kick off the weekend, I wanted to share a small collection of iPhone cases that I have been coveting for the past few days. I know it might not sound all that exciting to those of you longtime iPhone users, but right now I'm overwhelmed with joy to finally have the iPhone 6 in my hands. After two long years of living with the android, I am happy to say that it's finally MINE! I'm an Apple girl all the way (yes, it's cliché, c'est la vie

One. Because who doesn't love a bit of profanity pronounced beautifully with an illustration to match? 

Two. After a few cold winter months, I'm ready to see green again, even if it's only on my phone. 

Three. I am swooning over this cover. All of the rich textures & deep colors scream my name. (It's currently being shipped to me as we speak, eek!) 

Four. I can't get enough of black and white photographs, especially visuals of places I should be traveling. For now I guess I'll dream. 

I've included the links below if anyone is interested in getting their hands on these beauts (they include android versions too :)) - happy shopping! 

Hope all of you have a great weekend! I, on the other hand, will probably be living in my phone  


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