Today I figured I would go a bit more in depth on some design work I've developed in the past year. Although this fun project wasn't client based, I went ahead and developed my own branding concept for this well-known delicious ice cream parlor. I think it's healthy to do these self-initiated projects to keep the creative juices flowing. Besides, ice cream is my kryptonite. Maybe one day I'll share my design concept with them, but for now I'm happy to just have this in my body of work. 

When I first decided on doing this project, I was focusing on re-designing the logo to give it a modern-retro uplift. The shop itself is full of cool vintage pieces and funky colors, and they make their homemade ice cream with an old-school ice cream maker (how fabulous is that?!) Seeing as though Ted & Wally's has been there for 26+ years, I couldn't pass up on integrating that historic vibe into the design.


Before I began this design process I had done my research, so it was time to gather inspiration. If I'm not traveling, then Pinterest is my go-to for creative stimulus (I pin more than I'd like to admit). As I kept pinning I came across a chunky ampersand as seen in my mood board above. I was lucky enough to have an idea for my logo immediately; this usually doesn't happen... Have you ever heard the quote from Ernest Hemingway, "the first draft of anything is shit"? Well, for the most part Hemingway is spot on, and this project just happens to be the one in a million where I've come up with the logo in minutes. I drew up a few sketches, altered the ampersand with a more rounded ice cream "look", and I was on my merry way to finding the right typeface. 

brand collateral

As I got more excited about working on this project, I got carried away and chose to design some print elements to add on to the scope of work. From business cards to little wooden spoons with the logo's symbol. I wanted to bring this parlor's brand to life with every little detail I could think of. Since I wanted to keep an essence of the shop's original brand, I took the quote they use in their marketing material and used it on postcards and stickers. Mind you, the photography for the postcard is not mine, and it's not for selling purposes. I must give credit to Megan W Photography for her beautiful photos.


Overall, this project was by far one of my favorites to date, and hopefully I get more clients targeting this type of work because of it. I don't know about everyone else, but I demand more ice cream in my life.