London, my first true love

I have already been in London for a week and I can't believe how swiftly time is running by me. It's been a roller coaster of emotions coming back to a place that I hold so dearly; you just don't know how much you miss something until you revisit it. I'm one of those people that believes in out of sight, out of mind, and coming back here just makes me realize how much I miss and adore this city and the people I call family. 

Although I've been a hot mess since I arrived- between expired passports (I'm a true disaster; the epitome of a creative scatter brain when it comes to my personal life), trying to fit in dates with everyone, and missing friends even though they're right before my eyes - all I can think about is how much I will miss everyone when I leave. So today I woke up, reflected on my ridiculous stressful moments and decided to just be present. Now is truly the only moment that matters.

Lately I have been so used to looking ahead, worrying about what lies on the other side, and that's not who I used to be. So my mantra for the rest of my trip is to just take a step back, enjoy my surroundings, and not question myself. Sometimes the simple rules are the hardest to abide by, which is why I have been walking the city on my own these past few mornings and taking in all of the colors and details, things I never really appreciated until I left. Funny how that works.

This trip is becoming something more than seeing friends, family and home, but a self reflection of slowing down and capturing the moments one at a time. It's very fulfilling when you stop worrying and just live. As cheesy as this might sound in my advertisement voice, just do it.