It's a good day when work is revealed! I've been unveiling small snippets about this brand for the past few months and now it's here - the full enchilada :D Like I've mentioned before, this project was truly special and brought back all sorts of beautiful memories I have of my home country. But enough about me gushing over Spain and lets talk more design, shall we? 

The branding curated for this piece was for a floral boutique, and since most of my readers aren't Spanish speakers, I thought I'd be kind enough and translate the name of the identity. 'Girasol' means sunflower and 'Marisol' is a classic Spanish girls' name, so put together it translates as 'Marisols' Sunflower'. Luckily for me, this identity rhymed effortlessly, which only means that the typographical elements were a perfect balance in the kerning division. The reason why we used 'girasol' as part of the title, apart from being a floral boutique (obvious answer), sunflowers are immensely popular in the plains of Spain (can't help myself with this rhyming gig going on ;-)).

Girasol de Marisol Flower Shop | Branding by InBetween Studio

The strategy and definition for this brand all boils down to a traditional-modern approach with a feminine's touch of elegance and sensuality. I love the fact that the brand's core elements do not meet the expectations of what one might think a floral boutique entails - sigh* the beauty of branding. 


On a side note, I'm a tad obsessed with that seal. It's the simple things that add that detailed touch of elegance :) 


Apart from the identity design, we also tackled a stationery suite, a totes bag, and the storefront's sign. Mind you, the image of the store below is only a reference image I used to showcase the logo, although it's definitely the style I envision for this boutique!

You should also know that the image on the top with the girl advertising the brand is just a poster I designed for fun to see how much further I could push this brands' image. Unfortunately, I do not own the rights to the image, and I'm a big fan of giving credit where credit is due, so thank you Herb Ritts for this beautiful photograph that works so well with this collage :D 


P.S. If you or your business are in need of branding or some TLC, let me know, we are currently taking on new clients. All of the information about our design services can be found at InBetween. We are big fans of passionate entrepreneurs :)