It's been a while since I shared some delicious design goodies around here, so what better time than to share a few design studios from around the world that have been on my radar?  

Lets begin with the U.S. and work our way around the globe shall we? 

I've recently discovered Wedge & Lever; a design studio based in San Diego, CA. I can honestly say that there isn't one project they've designed that I dislike, but the editorials they've been producing are a golden treat for my eyes. They have an adventurous way of designing, which I love. I can only imagine that being based on the coast can influence that type of creativity. 


As we travel down south along the California coast we can say hello to our talented neighbors in Monterrey, Mexico, which is where design studio Anagrama is located. I have been a number one fan of theirs for a strong two years and their work never disappoints. They are a studio to envy and be inspired by. 

If we head up north we will find Bloq in Ontario, Canada. A recent found treasure that has opened my eyes when it comes to manifestos. Their idea of design is so simple and direct; be impractical. It's easier said than done. Most of us designers are so concerned with the ideology behind what we do, that when a statement like that slaps you in the face it allows you to re-think all of the possibilities that designing has to offer. I applaud them for that. 

As we cross the Atlantic and land in London (of course) we will find She Was Only; one of my favorite design studios to date. Apart from being a small handful of designers producing incredible work (I whole-heartedly admire the small studios) their design ethic of simplicity is commendable. When I think of less is more, they take the cake. 

Our last stop on this inspirational journey is Solo, located in Barcelona, Spain.  Aside from their countless, beautiful body of work, they are a reflection of what I hope my design studio will be one day. Born with the idea of creating timeless designs, and a passionate cultural influence that began as a one-person show into a tight knit design studio with one purposeful vision; tis the dream I seek.