Lately things have been quite busy over at the studio and this little blog has taken a hit because of it, so to make up for it I'm sharing one of my favorite artists that has been on my radar lately. Once you see this creative gem, you won't want to miss out on her work! 

Miss Bonati is a self-taught artist hailing from Argentina, currently living in London and producing all kinds of beautiful pieces like the ones I've published here. Best part is that you can buy her prints in a couple of shops; hard part is restraining yourself from not buying all of them... I'm guilty of owning the first two pieces ;) 

Her work is very distinctive; often illustrations of melancholic women with a whimsical twist to their appeal. I can't really pinpoint what fascinates me so much about her work, but each piece intrigues me with an unspoken story.


To own one of her illustrations or follow her process, I've added the links below. I dare you not to buy one... 


[society6 | the poster club | instagram]