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As I take on the role of 'interior designer' of our household, I tend to indulge in small snippets of my busy day to curate a wish-list folder of all sorts of bits and pieces that make me go ga-ga. In that folder I have more than one thing that belongs to The Citizenryso for this post I thought I'd share the beauty of this shop and everything they stand for. 

Apart from the exquisiteness each piece obtains; every item is handmade by the locals, and each country only use the best quality material that is renowned to their region. None of this fake stuff, poor quality, or cheap labor laws for that matter. Their products are genuine, detailed oriented, and have a story behind its appeal. What their brand stands for is something you can't really get from corporations, which is why I think The Citizenry is so special in everything they craft and how they go about it. So go on, indulge yourself in true culture!

If this isn't picture perfect, I don't know what is. Happy Friday friends! 


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