I just finished up this moodboard for an adorable husband and wife duo (not to mention really good friends of mine) taking the next step of their woodworking skills, which only began as a hobby, has now become an envisioned business for their family. You can say I'm pretty thrilled about being a part of this! 

Overall, this past week has been a breeze to work with them, and the first phase was knocked out in a matter of a few days. Gotta love that! We put together a moodboard that reflects the balance between her feminine aesthetic and his masculine craft - the in-between. At the end of the day, they're the heart and soul behind this business and I really want that to be a strong component of their brand's entity, along with the passion and hard work they put into every piece they create.

I truly believe something special will be coming out of this branding project, and I can't wait for the end result :D I mean, look at that moodboard! Swoon.


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