I finally sat down to write this post, mind you, five days later than I intended - whoops! Funny how that kind of panned out considering I'm writing about perfectionism. On that note, for the past few months I've been taking on more than I can chew just because I felt like I was in a race with myself, not only business wise, but personal as well. I've taken on this roll of perfecting the most minimal objectives in life, in which it reached a point that I would get stomach pains when things didn't turn out the way I planned them in my head. Ironic, bearing in mind that I'm ridiculously spontaneous and a space cadet, but when it comes to the aesthetic detailing or work output I get in a frenzy. My perfectionism gets to the point where I barely want to invite friends over to the house because I have not finished designing it the way I pictured it. Nuts, I know! Not quite sure why I do the things I do, or how I want others to perceive me, but I've come to the conclusion that I can't control everything around me and I can't make everything the way I want it to be. Seeing as I'm on holiday, what better time to throw perfectionism (at least try to) out the window and just give no f**ks and enjoy my time off without worrying about the what if's scenarios?! This is just a small reminder for those who seek perfection in all that they do, and it's okay to be that way, but it's also okay to embrace the imperfections of the unkown.