#BEFOUND  : Idaho | InBetween the Curls

Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall season thus far; I for one would be marveling in it if I didn't already catch the flu so early on. On the other hand, I'm glad I didn't catch it during my holiday, which leads me to this post... 

A few months ago I was reflecting upon things that matter to me. I somehow wanted to incorporate more of myself within InBetween's brand and take it to the next level. From the get go, InBetween has been a traveling studio; where finding inspiration from the world's hidden treasures was part of our repertoire. Where losing yourself in the vast adventures brought a sense of theory to the world of design. As time went on and things over here got hectic, overwhelming and a bit stagnant to say the least; I realized that traveling isn't something I do to get lost when times are tough, it's how I find myself again. Traveling brings me that sense of peace, and allows me to hone in on my skills and perception. With that said, I know I'm not the only one that feels this way...which led me to the idea of #befound. I wanted to create a movement within the adventurous community; where we make our mark in places that allow us to find ourselves and inspire others to the world around us.

Along with the idea, I designed a poster that is bold and to the point with a simple infographic element that could be easily viewed in the setting. And guess what? I'll be taking that poster on all of my travels... I'm hoping this will catch on and my fellow nomads follow me on this venture? For those wanting to participate in this movement can email me for a poster request :) 

My first adventure where the series began was in Idaho. Honestly could not have been a better place to start #befound; pure natural beauty. 

To see more of my escapades head over to my Instagram @smtursi :)