Moodboard : Traditional Humor | InBetween the Curls

So I must admit, it's been a while since I shared some work, or at least the progress of a new project that I'm working on. Talk about slacker... Insanely enough, this moodboard took me forever and a minute to actually land on this final piece. Nothing seemed quite right when I was rearranging my thoughts and images as to what this brand could and should become... Fast forward to today and I'm super happy and excited for how this design project is going to pan out. I may say this every time, but this one is going to be a good one- Ha! 

So what's the story behind this brand? Well it's based in Spain, but apart from the obvious, this project combines my love of food and tradition - how good is that?! This small, quaint tapas bar is known for its enjoyable gatherings between friends and families and what brings them together: food and drinks. The simple things are really the most enjoyable things in life; this place is living proof of it. Every inch of this bar is designed with pure Spanish culture, you can really feel it in its atmosphere. In my design thought process I want to keep those traditions, but since they attract a young crowd I want to modernize the whole branding vibe with a humorous twist. I mean, it's not the south of Spain if you don't bring humor into the everyday life. And on that note, I will let the details unravel more down the line as the project comes together... 


[wine cellar | bullfighter | poster | logo | cheese board | business card]