Gift Guide : V-Day or Any Day! | InBetween the Curls

Hello all of you friends + lovers out there! I've put together a fun little wish list for Valentines, or any other day for that matter; my gift to you my fellow last minute shoppers! I personally don't believe that all V-Day gifts have to be flowers and chocolates, so instead I've added a little twist on these choices  ;) 

1. That print by Loui Jover just reminded me of explosive love, I mean look at all those colors! I say it's pretty close to V-Day related...

2. The polaroid is so you can take all of those pictures of your friends and loved ones, then you can give it to them on the spot. It really is a win-win for both parties. I picked the pink to give it the holiday vibe, but there are other colors for the gents! 

3. Nothing is more romantic than a candlestick dinner with a lovely rose/copper candlestick, amirite?!  

4. For the travelers; this is seriously the coolest! You can start planning your next trip with your fab friends or a special someone ;) 

5. The watch for the men out there... you can tell how late your date is with this sleek piece - Ha! Guilty*

6. I'd say the book is pretty obvious, but I love how it's about all kinds of love and not just the typical couples' love :) 

7. The beautiful wood amplifier is definitely a fave. How is this love related? Hello, music brings people together. It's a known fact. 

8. So I say flowers shouldn't have to be a thing, but where would you put them if you were to get them? Yup, I thought ahead.. Flowers die, vases are forever :D 

9. Last but not least... jewelry. I know it's a cliché but a girl likes her bling. Especially when it's handmade by a local artist :D You might recognize it because it's from this Creative Flair

So there ya go! Hope everyone has a fab + safe weekend <3


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