Hello, strangers! It's been a minute since my last post...I know. Life, work and holidays got in the way, but I promise to post some goodies of what's been happening in the InBetween headquarters in the upcoming weeks :) 

To kick off that promise, I'm writing about a little collaboration I did with Tobi to share some of their Spring line for the year. Mind you, because Tobi's clothing line is so up my alley, I really had no choice but to say "heck, yes!" when they reached out. For those who haven't had the pleasure of hearing about Tobi: they're an online fashion store based out of the west coast. Their style is laid back and dreamy. Honestly guys, head over to their site and take a sneak peak of all of their fabulous garments. You'll understand. Ladies, you won't be disappointed. The only downfall might be not knowing what to choose from- it's all so good! 

First of all, please don't judge how pale I look. Winter has been brutal, and we're only now starting to get glimpses of heat in the Midwest, which I will take advantage of every ray that comes my way. Tangent over. Back to talking about the goods! 

What's my favorite thing of what I'm wearing, you ask? Well, those sneaky cut-outs of course. I love how it adds that sexy element without going overboard. Pretty much my motto when it comes to dresses. It's also not really hard to convince me when it comes to open back, flowy dresses ;) And those colors! - Ugh, so good! Especially since olive green is my favorite; kind of hard to go wrong with me. The funny thing is, is that I usually lean towards these colors during the fall/winter seasons, so it really is such a treat to incorporate it into the Spring line. Good shout, guys! 



I honestly cannot say anything negative about these dresses. They're effortless, classic, and has such lovely elements that piece the whole thing together. And the material is feather-like. Can you tell I'm in love? 

How do I wear them in the wild? Well, I tend to wear these type of clothes during laid back events with massive bojangles (that's my thing). Seeing that the dresses are quite short, I opted for sandals. Less is more on certain occasions, and this is definitely one of those! But when it comes to my doses of Spring/Boho quality, these beauts definitely reflect me to a tee. So now that I've gushed over these garments, I'll quit my yapping and have you get to browsing! I dare you not to buy something... 

Happy shopping, everyone! 

 [wine dressolive dress | black sandals | tan sandals | bojangles (gift)]