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Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall season thus far; I for one would be marveling in it if I didn't already catch the flu so early on. On the other hand, I'm glad I didn't catch it during my holiday, which leads me to this post... 

A few months ago I was reflecting upon things that matter to me. I somehow wanted to incorporate more of myself within InBetween's brand and take it to the next level. From the get go, InBetween has been a traveling studio; where finding inspiration from the world's hidden treasures was part of our repertoire. Where losing yourself in the vast adventures brought a sense of theory to the world of design. As time went on and things over here got hectic, overwhelming and a bit stagnant to say the least; I realized that traveling isn't something I do to get lost when times are tough, it's how I find myself again. Traveling brings me that sense of peace, and allows me to hone in on my skills and perception. With that said, I know I'm not the only one that feels this way...which led me to the idea of #befound. I wanted to create a movement within the adventurous community; where we make our mark in places that allow us to find ourselves and inspire others to the world around us.

Along with the idea, I designed a poster that is bold and to the point with a simple infographic element that could be easily viewed in the setting. And guess what? I'll be taking that poster on all of my travels... I'm hoping this will catch on and my fellow nomads follow me on this venture? For those wanting to participate in this movement can email me for a poster request :) 

My first adventure where the series began was in Idaho. Honestly could not have been a better place to start #befound; pure natural beauty. 

To see more of my escapades head over to my Instagram @smtursi :) 








I finally sat down to write this post, mind you, five days later than I intended - whoops! Funny how that kind of panned out considering I'm writing about perfectionism. On that note, for the past few months I've been taking on more than I can chew just because I felt like I was in a race with myself, not only business wise, but personal as well. I've taken on this roll of perfecting the most minimal objectives in life, in which it reached a point that I would get stomach pains when things didn't turn out the way I planned them in my head. Ironic, bearing in mind that I'm ridiculously spontaneous and a space cadet, but when it comes to the aesthetic detailing or work output I get in a frenzy. My perfectionism gets to the point where I barely want to invite friends over to the house because I have not finished designing it the way I pictured it. Nuts, I know! Not quite sure why I do the things I do, or how I want others to perceive me, but I've come to the conclusion that I can't control everything around me and I can't make everything the way I want it to be. Seeing as I'm on holiday, what better time to throw perfectionism (at least try to) out the window and just give no f**ks and enjoy my time off without worrying about the what if's scenarios?! This is just a small reminder for those who seek perfection in all that they do, and it's okay to be that way, but it's also okay to embrace the imperfections of the unkown. 






Summer is in full swing and all I can think about is an adventure in a peaceful retreat. Even though it's only been a few months since I've done a big trip; I'm ready for another one. One in which I can truly relax and enjoy what nature has to offer. So in all of that daydreaming, I've put together a few airbnb locations that look like a golden ticket escapade, and hopefully one of you will be able to experience one of these beauts! I know I will ;) 

All of these airbnb locations I've picked out are small, quaint, and just fabulously quirky, which is perfection for anyone in the search for a secluded, fun getaway. What better time to post these up during the long 4th of July weekend :)? Happy Holidays! 

P.S. To see more photos of these airbnb getaways I've linked them below :) 


[Queens | Austin | Boise | Santa Barbara]





Yesterday I took a little break to enjoy what was June's first glimpse of gorgeous weather, and realized how much I missed its warmth and colors, so I decided to design a little poster for fun that reflected the way summer makes me feel. It's funny how the change in seasons can have so much impact on someone's mood, I know I'm in better spirits!

Summer: a time for adventure; exploring the tucked away beauty that everyday life has to offer, a time to take in all of the small colorful details that makes you daydream of what's out there. It's an inspiring season, so why not delve into the marvels of it?  

Hope everyone has a sun-filled weekend full of adventure :) 






Hello Everyone! Sorry for the radio silence these past few weeks. I thought I'd be on top of things but I clearly lied to myself - whoops... I think traveling is an understandable excuse for my absence around here. :) 

Although I might not have been on my 'A' game work-wise in the past six weeks I've come back with loads of inspiring ideas that will hopefully take off soon- this means a lot of early mornings (I don't do late nights, physically impossible for me to function- fact!) and coffee by my side. 

Traveling has always been one of those things that gets my creative juices flowing, if only I could travel every day... On a more serious note, I have all these planned secrets hidden in this hair of mine and I can't wait to make it a reality and share with everyone- fingers crossed!

Whilst we're waiting on my dreams/plans to unravel, I figured I would share a few of the things I did on my trip as well as a few snippets that I captured along the way. 

Part One. London. In between catching up with friends and family I took morning walks, which could only be described as a peaceful trance within the loud city (I'm very good at tuning things out, I've learnt with time) I embraced the good weather, which is a blessing since England is infamous for its absence of sunshine. I walked for miles each day in different parts of the city, and returned to old stomping grounds - sigh* nostalgic moments. One night I went to The Great Gatsby ballet with my besties, where I happened to stumble upon Magneto, aka X-Men actor, aka Sir Ian Mckellen. My night was pretty much complete after that - he looked fabulous in his white trousers and scarf. Oh, and the ballet was just as fabulous if not more so. Definitely a must see if you have the opportunity. Another night I went to a charity gig; unfortunately, I did not have the chance to enjoy the talented performances, because I had a few more drinks that I wish I didn't, which only lead to the most stupid hangover of all time. I blame my friend. Parents always warn you about those hangovers that automatically occur in your mid-twenties. I thought they were lying. Now I'm a believer. Tangent over. Overall, many lunches, dinners, coffees, teas, wine (a lot of wine), laughs, and just pure exhausting fun happened. I honestly can't say that I missed out on anything. My trip to London was packed with a whole lot of unforgettable memories, those to me are always the best part. 

Part Two. Japan. This was my first time traveling to Japan and it was everything I imagined and then some more. If there's one thing that I can say was my favorite part of this amazing country, it would be the people, hands down. I have never encountered such lovely, genuine, respectful human beings in my entire life. If only the entire world could live in harmony the way they do (I sound like Miss USA- haha). I will talk more about the harmony on a different post; that's a whole chapter in itself. I experienced silence in a city of millions; I think I was the loudest person there (that's my Spanish side). I saw many elderly people that seemed to live up to two hundred years of age- they were climbing old narrow stairs without stopping to catch a breath! I experienced the sakura (cherry blossoms) season, which was as spectacular, if not better, than what you see in the movies. I drank what was one of the best coffees I've ever had from a hole in a wall that was decorated with eclectic bits and took them twenty minutes just to make a big 'soup' bowl of coffee. Can you imagine that happening at Starbucks?! It was marvelous. I went to a design gallery and it was free. Does that ever happen nowadays? Their toilets are the most amazing contraptions I have ever witnessed! They sing to you and other stuff- true story. I encountered rush hour on the trains, and I must say it was the funniest moment I had there. The Japanese know how to cram into a train and still be polite. How is that even possible? And again, I was the loudest one there. Tears of laughter exploded, and well, my fellow Japanese commuters had no choice but to hide their quiet laughs at my ridiculousness. Out of courtesy, they think it's rude to laugh at someone, but heck, I was breaking through their respectful silence, and I'm used to being laughed at!

One woman circus show people... Food. I ate a lot whilst I was there, between fresh sushi, udon noodles and behold, the sweet dorayaki that looks like a pancake but better! I must say, the Japanese know good food, and I was one happy Buddha belly the whole time I was there. All in all, Japan is a beautiful country with amazing people, if only I could have taken a little Japanese baby with me as a souvenir, but I settled for teas, books, and figurines. Can't have it all. 


P.S. I want to say thank you to all my friends and family that made this trip extra special -- Thanks for loving and entertaining me :P