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Hello all of you friends + lovers out there! I've put together a fun little wish list for Valentines, or any other day for that matter; my gift to you my fellow last minute shoppers! I personally don't believe that all V-Day gifts have to be flowers and chocolates, so instead I've added a little twist on these choices  ;) 

1. That print by Loui Jover just reminded me of explosive love, I mean look at all those colors! I say it's pretty close to V-Day related...

2. The polaroid is so you can take all of those pictures of your friends and loved ones, then you can give it to them on the spot. It really is a win-win for both parties. I picked the pink to give it the holiday vibe, but there are other colors for the gents! 

3. Nothing is more romantic than a candlestick dinner with a lovely rose/copper candlestick, amirite?!  

4. For the travelers; this is seriously the coolest! You can start planning your next trip with your fab friends or a special someone ;) 

5. The watch for the men out there... you can tell how late your date is with this sleek piece - Ha! Guilty*

6. I'd say the book is pretty obvious, but I love how it's about all kinds of love and not just the typical couples' love :) 

7. The beautiful wood amplifier is definitely a fave. How is this love related? Hello, music brings people together. It's a known fact. 

8. So I say flowers shouldn't have to be a thing, but where would you put them if you were to get them? Yup, I thought ahead.. Flowers die, vases are forever :D 

9. Last but not least... jewelry. I know it's a cliché but a girl likes her bling. Especially when it's handmade by a local artist :D You might recognize it because it's from this Creative Flair

So there ya go! Hope everyone has a fab + safe weekend <3


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This year I welcome the Fall season hesitantly; I'm fully aware that winter is only just around the corner and that hinders my open-armed love for Fall knowing that this year has gone by so quickly! With that said, I can't ever seem to get enough of Fall/Winter fashion trends - give me all of the coats and scarves! 

I know I'm a week late since the official claim of the new season, but the change in clothes choice happened two days ago when we went from 89ºF/32ºC to 50ºF/10ºC in a matter of a 24hr turnaround and that's when I officiated the change of seasons in my mind. The way I get rid of the cold disappointment is by going a bit gaga on the future clothes that need to be in my closet. I'm sure many of you ladies are with me on this one... Here are a few of my current top picks from some of my favorite stores ;-) 


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As I take on the role of 'interior designer' of our household, I tend to indulge in small snippets of my busy day to curate a wish-list folder of all sorts of bits and pieces that make me go ga-ga. In that folder I have more than one thing that belongs to The Citizenryso for this post I thought I'd share the beauty of this shop and everything they stand for. 

Apart from the exquisiteness each piece obtains; every item is handmade by the locals, and each country only use the best quality material that is renowned to their region. None of this fake stuff, poor quality, or cheap labor laws for that matter. Their products are genuine, detailed oriented, and have a story behind its appeal. What their brand stands for is something you can't really get from corporations, which is why I think The Citizenry is so special in everything they craft and how they go about it. So go on, indulge yourself in true culture!

If this isn't picture perfect, I don't know what is. Happy Friday friends! 


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First of all, Happy Friday Everyone!

To kick off the weekend, I wanted to share a small collection of iPhone cases that I have been coveting for the past few days. I know it might not sound all that exciting to those of you longtime iPhone users, but right now I'm overwhelmed with joy to finally have the iPhone 6 in my hands. After two long years of living with the android, I am happy to say that it's finally MINE! I'm an Apple girl all the way (yes, it's cliché, c'est la vie

One. Because who doesn't love a bit of profanity pronounced beautifully with an illustration to match? 

Two. After a few cold winter months, I'm ready to see green again, even if it's only on my phone. 

Three. I am swooning over this cover. All of the rich textures & deep colors scream my name. (It's currently being shipped to me as we speak, eek!) 

Four. I can't get enough of black and white photographs, especially visuals of places I should be traveling. For now I guess I'll dream. 

I've included the links below if anyone is interested in getting their hands on these beauts (they include android versions too :)) - happy shopping! 

Hope all of you have a great weekend! I, on the other hand, will probably be living in my phone  


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