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So I must admit, it's been a while since I shared some work, or at least the progress of a new project that I'm working on. Talk about slacker... Insanely enough, this moodboard took me forever and a minute to actually land on this final piece. Nothing seemed quite right when I was rearranging my thoughts and images as to what this brand could and should become... Fast forward to today and I'm super happy and excited for how this design project is going to pan out. I may say this every time, but this one is going to be a good one- Ha! 

So what's the story behind this brand? Well it's based in Spain, but apart from the obvious, this project combines my love of food and tradition - how good is that?! This small, quaint tapas bar is known for its enjoyable gatherings between friends and families and what brings them together: food and drinks. The simple things are really the most enjoyable things in life; this place is living proof of it. Every inch of this bar is designed with pure Spanish culture, you can really feel it in its atmosphere. In my design thought process I want to keep those traditions, but since they attract a young crowd I want to modernize the whole branding vibe with a humorous twist. I mean, it's not the south of Spain if you don't bring humor into the everyday life. And on that note, I will let the details unravel more down the line as the project comes together... 


[wine cellar | bullfighter | poster | logo | cheese board | business card]





Branding : Shabbee Woodwork Creations | by InBetween Studio

Hello Everyone! Sorry I've been a little M.I.A. lately... 'tis the time of year with projects left and right :) With that said, I'm very excited to share this branding piece that I've been working on for the past couple of months for that special duo I spoke about here. When they first approached me about visualizing their story I said 'hell yes!' And thus began the sketching...   

We began with a solid moodboard that combined her feminine ideas and his masculine foundation, which led to a hand-lettered logo and lots of fun elements that brings their story to life. BUT my ultimate favorite thing during the branding process is my questionnaire, more specifically, what animal they think their brand represents. It's so fun to see what clients come up with and how shockingly accurate the symbolism is to the rest of their answers in the questionnaire. My method may be a tad unorthodox, but I swear by it! I mean, I even wrote about it in a blog post

There is so much love and detailing that goes into their work, so it was my job to visually capture this husband + wife team in that light.  So go on, buzz around  :)

Branding : Shabbee Woodwork Creations | by InBetween Studio
Branding : Shabbee Woodwork Creations | by InBetween Studio
Branding : Shabbee Woodwork Creations | by InBetween Studio
Branding : Shabbee Woodwork Creations | by InBetween Studio
Branding : Shabbee Woodwork Creations | by InBetween Studio
Branding : Shabbee Woodwork Creations | by InBetween Studio
Branding : Shabbee Woodwork Creations | by InBetween Studio

Although they are currently creating their work from their garage, they are already envisioning something bigger, hence the lovely little mockup of what might be their future storefront...I have no doubt in my mind that with their honest hard work and craftsmanship, their small beehive will turn into something bigger in this kingdom ;) 

Branding : Shabbee Woodwork Creations | by InBetween Studio

You can check out or buy some of their creations here.






It's a good day when work is revealed! I've been unveiling small snippets about this brand for the past few months and now it's here - the full enchilada :D Like I've mentioned before, this project was truly special and brought back all sorts of beautiful memories I have of my home country. But enough about me gushing over Spain and lets talk more design, shall we? 

The branding curated for this piece was for a floral boutique, and since most of my readers aren't Spanish speakers, I thought I'd be kind enough and translate the name of the identity. 'Girasol' means sunflower and 'Marisol' is a classic Spanish girls' name, so put together it translates as 'Marisols' Sunflower'. Luckily for me, this identity rhymed effortlessly, which only means that the typographical elements were a perfect balance in the kerning division. The reason why we used 'girasol' as part of the title, apart from being a floral boutique (obvious answer), sunflowers are immensely popular in the plains of Spain (can't help myself with this rhyming gig going on ;-)).

Girasol de Marisol Flower Shop | Branding by InBetween Studio

The strategy and definition for this brand all boils down to a traditional-modern approach with a feminine's touch of elegance and sensuality. I love the fact that the brand's core elements do not meet the expectations of what one might think a floral boutique entails - sigh* the beauty of branding. 


On a side note, I'm a tad obsessed with that seal. It's the simple things that add that detailed touch of elegance :) 


Apart from the identity design, we also tackled a stationery suite, a totes bag, and the storefront's sign. Mind you, the image of the store below is only a reference image I used to showcase the logo, although it's definitely the style I envision for this boutique!

You should also know that the image on the top with the girl advertising the brand is just a poster I designed for fun to see how much further I could push this brands' image. Unfortunately, I do not own the rights to the image, and I'm a big fan of giving credit where credit is due, so thank you Herb Ritts for this beautiful photograph that works so well with this collage :D 


P.S. If you or your business are in need of branding or some TLC, let me know, we are currently taking on new clients. All of the information about our design services can be found at InBetween. We are big fans of passionate entrepreneurs :) 






This branding palette belongs to a visualized florist full of passion, tradition, and elegance residing in the South of Spain. Designing for this brand definitely hit a soft spot whenever I think about my hometown :) Plus, I have a slight obsession with sunflowers and the opportunity to use them filled me with a ridiculous amount of excitement. 

I'm currently in the fine tuning stage of all of the brand elements, so I thought I'd share a sneak peek on how the identity is unfolding. I know I must say this a lot, but this is turning out to be one of my favorite pieces. Everything I love mixed into one big pot of design goodness :-D 

P.S. If you missed out a few weeks ago, you can check out the moodboard here.





Last week I shared a little moodboard named organic heights, and things have moved pretty quickly + smoothly which is a dream all things considered. The identity has been approved, although I'm sure a few tweaks here and there will be happening - overall the ball is in motion. 

At the moment we have established a nearly finished branding palette and we're currently in the process of drawing up some ideas for packaging and a few other bits and bops - very excited to implement this identity into all of the brand elements. Hopefully I get to show you guys the final product in the next few weeks! 

P.S. That color palette screams fresh and I'm lovin' it!