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Flair |fler| 1. A special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well.

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited to publish our 20th Creative Flair on this lovely Autumn day and still say that we're going strong with this column :D For today's feature we have the lovely Jessica from June Letters who was able to give us a bit of her time even though she has a new little addition to her family :) 

In a few sentences describe yourself and what you do.

I am a graphic designer, hand-letterer, and illustrator. I have my own one-woman freelance business called June Letters Studio.

How did you first get into design + lettering? What’s your favorite part about it?

I think there has always been a little designer in me, but I found my way to graphic design in college. I originally thought studio art was my calling but I signed up for an Intro to Graphic Design course and the rest is history. I started lettering for fun on my blog and much to my surprise people started reaching out to me specifically for lettering work! I never thought lettering would be such a big part of my job, but I am so happy it is!


Do you have any creative heroes that you admire & have inspired you? Who & how? 

So many! Recently one of my biggest inspirations has been's art director Jen Gotch - while their brand's style is a bit more girly and glam than mine - I truly admire her creativity, sense of humor, and ability to be real. I am also endlessly inspired by designer and illustrators Lotta Niemien, Leah Reena Goren, Leanne Shapton, Adrian Tomine, Lizzy Stewart, Anna Rifle Bond and so many more!


Tell us a little bit about your client branding e-books. 

Since going full-time freelance over a year ago I have been so flattered to receive numerous emails from students and design novices that are curious about my design process and how I run my business. After receiving and responding to so many of these emails I realized that there must be a demand for this kind of knowledge and that it would be fun to write a short ebook about my process. With my baby due at any moment I quickly wrote, illustrated, and designed the book. On the day that I released my book I went into labor! Talk about good timing :) 


What is your favorite piece of work you have done and why? 

Hard to choose (so lucky I like my job!) but I would have to pick the illustrations I created of Shakespeare & Co. in Paris for Vanity Fair. It was such a dream to illustrate one of my favorite places in the world for such a wonderful publication. 

What made you decide to embark on June Letters Studio? 

After several years working in-house at different tech companies in San Francisco and moonlighting as a freelancer - I realized that I am truly happiest working from home on a variety of different projects. I love working on a branding project one day, and an illustration project the next. The variety keeps me on my toes and engaged - plus I am a total home-body and truly work best at home alone!


Do you have a dream/goal that you wish to aspire?  

I am one of those people that is always dreaming up big plans - my dreams change sometimes on a weekly basis. But I will say that I have always dreamed of some type of brick & mortar shop or studio situation - and honestly my ultimate goal is to always love what I do and feel financially stable!

You have a massive list of well-known clients, any advice for those wanting to land the big time gigs?  

Thank you! My biggest advice is to put yourself out there. Do the work you love to do, tell people about it and make connections. Also use Pinterest. I can't believe how many clients have found me through that platform!


If you could live and work anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 

This is a difficult one! Probably Paris, but with a summer home in the Northern California beach community of Mendocino. 

Early bird or night owl?

Hmm I am more of a mid-morning bird ;)


Thank you so much for sharing Jessica!


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