Hello Everyone! Sorry things have been on the quieter side around here lately, but to make up for it I'm sharing a new project :D A few months ago I talked about a sweet lady that lived in Big Bear and was starting a side business of her homemade organic soaps. Fast forward a few months later, and we land on an identity that is down to earth, raw, and with a hint of generosity reflecting her and her business to a tee. 


When I first began this project, the main focus was on the identity and a few print materials, but I saw this brief to be a great piece of work to have in my show and tell, so I took it a little bit further and designed a few layouts for the web realm. Why not? My client will eventually need a site, and lucky for her I already came up with a few ideas for future reference... Either way, it was fun designing it! No harm done :) 


When we started planning out the printed material/packaging we had to come up with something that was cost effective; this was a biggie. Seeing as this was a new business and we wanted to keep that homemade feel in the branding throughout everything, we went back to my renowned mantra 'less is more'. That being said, I came up with combining the business card and packaging into one. Say what?! A bit of twine, brown kraft paper, and rubber stamps can take you a long way! We managed to save quite a few pennies from printing costs and still obtain the small printed marketing pieces that takes one's business a step further from the rest. Cheers to that! 




This branding palette belongs to a visualized florist full of passion, tradition, and elegance residing in the South of Spain. Designing for this brand definitely hit a soft spot whenever I think about my hometown :) Plus, I have a slight obsession with sunflowers and the opportunity to use them filled me with a ridiculous amount of excitement. 

I'm currently in the fine tuning stage of all of the brand elements, so I thought I'd share a sneak peek on how the identity is unfolding. I know I must say this a lot, but this is turning out to be one of my favorite pieces. Everything I love mixed into one big pot of design goodness :-D 

P.S. If you missed out a few weeks ago, you can check out the moodboard here.





Last week I shared a little moodboard named organic heights, and things have moved pretty quickly + smoothly which is a dream all things considered. The identity has been approved, although I'm sure a few tweaks here and there will be happening - overall the ball is in motion. 

At the moment we have established a nearly finished branding palette and we're currently in the process of drawing up some ideas for packaging and a few other bits and bops - very excited to implement this identity into all of the brand elements. Hopefully I get to show you guys the final product in the next few weeks! 

P.S. That color palette screams fresh and I'm lovin' it!